Intercoin Customers and Investors

Welcome to the latest investor update. If you’re looking for the previous investor update from Q1 2024, click below:

Our Platform and News Coverage

If you’ve been following the Intercoin project, you’ve seen our software evolve and grow, to fit the needs of instructors, schools, conferences, influencers and community leaders around the world. From videoconferencing to real-time, audience interaction, from Web3 scheduling to purchasing NFTs representing recurring subscriptions, we make it seamless. You can watch it in our Intercoin Update videos recorded in 2023 and 2024.

We’ve also been featured in a number of publications ranging from Newsweek to the BBC, to to LAWeekly, from CoinDesk to CoinTelegraph. Here’s a list of more recent articles:


Investors / Customers

We build solutions for community leaders around the world. Our business model has evolved to where our customers often become investors. At the end of the day, when the tokens are offered to the public, we will be going to market alongside the people who didn’t just believe in us, but actually used our products and rolled them out to their own community!

Here are some highlights of who actually invested into our team, technology and tokens. Some of them were purely investments, others were as customers:

  • Balaji Srinivasan, the former CTO and CTO of Coinbase launched a new fund with a couple billionaires, to invest in decentralized communities around the world, which he calls “network states”. This January, they wound up investing $100,000 into Qbix, our Web 2.0 company that Intercoin was spun out of.

  • James Gray Robinson, a lawyer who became a world-leading healer and coach, set out to build an online school for lawyers to overcome their burnout. His organization has made a $100,000 investment into Intercoin Inc. and purchased an additional $30,000 of ITR tokens. We’ve been working to build and launch his educational platform online.

  • NuGenesis, an innovative blockchain company in Australia, engaged us for a 100,000 AUD (Australian dollar) project to build a cross-chain exchange. We brought together developers across multiple disciplines, and also built a browser extension.

  • Gay Aliens Society paid us $65,000 in 2021 to launch an NFT collection around a new cast of characters that they hoped to make into an entertainment series. They ended up selling NFTs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the OpenSea page boasts about 353 ETH (around $1 million) in trading volume to date.

  • Free Talk Live is a nationally syndicated libertarian radio show. It was the first major media in the world to talk about Bitcoin. They ended up being the first to publicly promote Intercoin, as well. They invested around $65,000 in exchange for us building their new web-based portal, which allows listeners to meet each other and call into the show.

  • This is just a sample of some of our larger customers / investors. As we go down the list of the long tail, even BitBoy the controversial crypto host, and his team, ended up paying us around $10,000 to build a platform for BenCoin, in its heyday.

Read below to find out why our business model became the way it is, letting our customers pay us by buying the token, and letting token holders get their own app, coin, and much more more.

Our Business Model

Our business model and sales process has evolved, as well. We work closely with each customer to customize the software for their needs. Each new engagement leads us to develop new solutions and components, which we re-use across our ecosystem and make available to communities around the world. After all, both our Web 2.0 Social software and Web 3.0 blockchain software) is open source, so our customers are never locked in and are able to hire developers and support from a growing ecosystem of developers. As a result, we have some excellent testimonials:

Who Uses Our Products

Intercoin is a Web 3.0 company that builds Blockchain Applications including DAOs, NFTs, Contests, Recurring Subscriptions, and much more, helping organizations around the world raise money and make collective decisions together.

Intercoin was spun out of Qbix, a Web 2.0 company that builds Community Portals for organizations around the world – thought leaders, influencers, conferences, teachers, etc.

Here are a few of our other clients, to illustrate:

Government Blockchain Association

Yang 2020 – Back when Andrew Yang ran for president in 2020, we already used our early software to help organize Yang Gangs around the country. Check out the time capsule with thousands of real Yang supporters around the country, still at

Government Blockchain Association – our apps power their events in Washington DC every year. Here are some photos from this year. Our software allowed real-time interaction with the audience through their phones. Here are photos of me presenting and then hosting a panel on tokenomics:

Demand for our Products Around the World

Well, it turns out, what we have built is in serious demand around the world. Qbix, the company out of which Intercoin was spun out, developed apps to help leaders in many countries manage their community. They’ve now had millions of downloads from users around the world. Here are some graphs taken from AppFigures taken just now now:

The apps ask users for their email and what kind of community they have – whether they are a teacher, marketer, community director, etc. In this way, we have amassed 1 million emails of community leaders, together with information about their community:

We are now raising a round of funding to turn those community leaders into paying customers. For more information see:

Real Utility

From the beginning Intercoin has been very different than most of the crypto space:

If you’re looking for a compliant way to raise money and build up your community, get in touch with us. Join the forum, post here. If we like your story, we may invite you on our Intercoin Show to talk about your community, and join our movement to empower community leaders around the world!