Intercoin Update: 2024

This update is written in 2024 about the new developments at Intercoin and what to expect going forward. We’ve begun doing it in an easy-to-digest format by writing a public topic on our forum, with links to each aspect of the update in its own topic. You can see last year’s update here:

Browse the below topics to explore what has been happening:

  1. Intercoin has started to work with customers and communities who buy ITR tokens in order to pay for their own community software. In the video above, you can see some of those customers and their testimonials, but this is just the beginning.
  1. We completed our audits with CertiK and launched the long-awaited ITR token on Binance Smart Chain, for customers to buy as part of our roadmap and tokenomics. You can read a lot more information about it here:
  1. Our CEO, Greg Magarshak, has been making multiple trips abroad, especially to Dubai, in order to organize the next round of funding for ITR. Here is an example of talks that he has been giving:
  1. The new Groups App has been released on the app store, and already over 1 million people updated the app, many of whom are community leaders or connectors with large address books. The app has been completely redesigned, and now integrates with our open, web-based platform. It will act as the top of the funnel for community leaders to adopt Intercoin. You can read more here: