Upcoming Release and Listing of Intercoins

In 2021, a company named Unblockers Pte. Ltd was incorporated in Singapore, owned by shareholders from multiple countries. The goal of the company was to unblock promising crypto projects in various countries, by helping them release a utility token and legally give them a path to listing on exchanges, getting press coverage, etc. At the same time, Unblockers is building a trusted members-only portal to help early adopters discover new vetted projects and utility tokens, in order buy the tokens and participate in those ecosystems before the tokens are made available on public exchanges to the wider public. The tokens are built in a decentralized manner akin to Bitcoin.

Unblockers Pte Ltd. is building a web-based portal that will integrate with Telegram chats, Web3 wallets and other platforms and APIs. It makes use of open source software built by WordPress, Intercoin, in order to launch projects onto the blockchain. You can see more information at unblockers.org

Among the tokens that Unblockers plans to launch on the blockchain, is Intercoin. This is a different token than ITR, as we have explained in various places, including Intercoin’s Tokenomics Presentation, as well as the Offering Memorandum for all our ITR token offerings. The crypto analogy is that buying ITR is like buying a Bitcoin mining rig, while buying INTER is like buying bitcoins themselves. A regulatory analogy in the Howey test is that buying ITR is like buying investment contracts for orange groves, while buying INTER is buying the actual, consumable, oranges. INTER is used by communities for various purposes, and can be purchased by KYC’ed communities directly, or bought and resold to one of them by middlemen and wholesalers.

This public article serves as public disclosure of these upcoming plans, in order for all current and future ITR holders to know this information.