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So you’re looking to release your own token? Well, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. Read on to find out how Intercoin can help take care these issues for you, so you can have a successful release, focus on what you do best. Read below to find out about each one…


The original goal of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was to eliminate the need for participants to trust a centralized third party. It worked because the software was distributed to a large ecosystem of nodes and miners. No one worried about the Litecoin or Ripple network “rugpulling” them.

But in the last few years, many projects released their own tokens, by hiring devs that ended up cloning some smart contract they found on the internet. Usually it was a smart contract of a famous project, like SafeMoon or EverRise. However, many of those contracts ended up having bugs, or intentional scams and honeypots. Other times, the team simply rug-pulled liquidity from the exchange. The Web3 token ecosystem is largely broken. Token holders started to verbalize learned helplessness, saying it’s just the “wild west”. But it doesn’t have to be!

Intercoin spent the last 5 years building smart contract factories to restore confidence in the Web3 token ecosystem. Using Intercoin’s technology, projects can produce their tokens on-chain from a carefully developed and audited factory, thus ensuring they all have identical code. Tokens powered by Intercoin benefit from day 1 from having been officially audited and endorsed by companies like CertiK:

Think of how UniSwap’s factory, for instance, produces liquidity pools. People have confidence in the UniSwap ecosystem precisely because each instance has identical code, and only differs in a limited set of parameters that were selected when it was produced. These parameters are described below.


Intercoin’s TradedTokenContract has been carefully designed, from the bottom up, to give its holders massive confidence. Unlike most tokens out there, it can guarantee things like:


Digital currencies are more than just about HODLing – ultimately, they’re about community. Our team has spent 10 years building an open source platform for communities, with our apps reaching 1 million community leaders around the world:

And Intercoin has spent the last 5 years designing and building blockchain solutions for communities. They include smart contracts for many different applications, including currencies, NFTs, DAOs, and more:

When you release with Intercoin, you don’t just get a bunch of smart contracts. You can also get your own app, community portal, and user-friendly interface for people to earn and trade your coin, in your own smart economy. You can find out more here.


Let’s face it, between the SEC, FINCEN, and other regulatory agencies around the world, your project would do well to be compliant with the emerging body of regulations. Intercoin has been focused from the beginning on helping enable projects to raise money, earn recurring revenues, distribute roles and memberships, while staying compliant with regulations. Our advisors wrote the regulations when they worked for the SEC. You can learn a lot by watching our CEO, Greg Magarshak, interview them on our show:

We’ve pored over the official guidance from FINCEN, analyzed the no-action letters from the SEC, and successfully taken advantage of exemptions from SEC registration. We have done it in our own offerings.

If you want to go the extra mile, our legal partners can help you draft extensive risk disclosures like these, and our fundraising partners can help you legally raise money in a world crowdfunding campaign. Working with us, we can make the introductions when your project is ready to raise money.

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