Intercoin Update: 2023

This video is an in-depth overview of what ITR has accomplished in the last few years, and where things are going next.

Click on any of the below updates for more information:

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Watched this last night and hearted it because it was easy to follow along.

The depth and scope of Intercoin’s Mission has now been laid out. Obvious to see what lies ahead for the organization…especially given that it has executed on SOOO many fronts…all of the Core Foundational things that make it more than a Token or a Speculative piece of digital currency lost in a Noisy World of other Tokens without Utility or Equitable Bandwith.

Now that CertiK the leading security-focused ranking platform analyzing and monitoring blockchain protocols and DeFi projects is in the final days of giving Intercoin it’s audit…there is absolutely no reason anyone with eyes should easily miss that this is “Our Golden Sunrise Moment”.

CONGRATULATIONS all Intercoin Team Members…you Did It…

And to the Believers & Doubters who helped to Fuel the Mental Energy that INSPIRED this DREAM to manifest over the past several years…Thank You…

Thank you for keeping the DOOR Opened long enough for me to get here.

Thank you for being Bold and Audacious enough to invite your friends when the DREAM was a long way off…and finally…

THANK you for attempting to show in some unique way…all of your own…What TRUE COMMUNITY LOOKS like…it’s not all Perfect…sometimes Ugliness rears it’s head because it’s not FEELING Appreciated enough on the journey…but we have to hold to the VISION in spite of the Differences.

I’ll definitely be sharing this on my Social Platforms…and Look forward to seeing you and others sharing it with me. It would be sad to not see us finally come together regardless of our differences and Show up on March 22, 2023 for our Wednesday, meeting at 12ET on Telegram to hear some additional New Surprises…I’ll be there…be sure to say hello.

Lovingly Deremiah *CPE

Time to go through the rest of these details…Next on the list is the
“Intercoin Smart Contracts Completed”



WOW Great job @Intercoin :clap::clap::clap: and @Gregory_Magarshak1 I’m so excited to see such a great Update and proud to be involved in the Intercoin movement!
So many amazing things will be achieved now and I’m looking forward to the Intercoin App Launch Discussion - Join us on March 22