Intercoin App Launch Discussion - Join us March 22

Intercoin App

On March 22, we will host a Video Chat at our official Telegram Channel, to present the upcoming app, which will act as the trusted, user-friendly interface to the Intercoin Community. It is designed to gradually become the first front-end interface for the ecosystem, and gain the trust of the community. As time goes on, other teams can launch trusted interfaces, working with existing trusted wallets, – after all, the system is decentralized.

The app will be a web app that people can access from anywhere, with nothing to download:

You’ll be able to add it to your home screen, and it will start to send you notifications whenever things happen on the blockchain relating to your Communities, Contests, Auctions, and other smart contracts. This month, Apple is launching iOS 16.4 which will enable that:

What’s been Done Thus Far:

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As a longtime supporter of Intercoin, I’m thrilled to see the app finally come to fruition. This is a significant step forward in our mission to create a more equitable and sustainable future. Let’s continue to work together to make it a reality!
I’m sure the Intercoin app will become a game-changer for our community with Its potential to make transactions more efficient, secure, and transparent.
I’m excited to see how it will empower us and create new opportunities for collaboration and growth.
Moreover, I’m impressed by the level of innovation and dedication that went into creating this app.
It’s clear that the Intercoin team has been working tirelessly to bring us something truly valuable and I’ll invite all of the #Web3 community leaders from the London area to attend this exciting event.
Thank you for all of your efforts @Intercoin and @Gregory_Magarshak1!

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