Intercoin's NFT Smart Contract Released, Audited

And now, for a little update from our software development side. We have launched some quite innovative smart contracts for powering NFTs that are far more flexible than what is out there today.

As you can read on our GitHub regarding their features and purpose, our NFT smart contracts support all the following properties:

  • Secure. No one can hack the prices and rules.
  • Gasless. Mining fees are only paid when NFT is bought.
  • Cheap. No need to check permits and signatures of meta-transactions.
  • Series. Supports grouping NFTs into series, on the same contract.
  • Flexible. Allows the NFT issuers to create all kinds of randomness and effects, even after selling it.
  • Harmony. Integrates completely with our existing web based platform.

Available to All

Our NFT Factory contract is deployed on Ethereum MainNet, Polygon/Matic and Binance Smart Chain at the address 0x22222e0849704b754be0a372ffcdb9b22e4d7147

If you notice, there’s a little pattern here we’re starting to develop:

0x1111158f88410da5f92c7e34c01e7b8649bc0155        ITR token
0x22222e0849704b754be0a372ffcdb9b22e4d7147        NFT factory

The smart contract was also audited by Ubik Group (see the results here), which led to a particular improvement. Expect more third party audits coming later. For now, you should also read about our legal software agreement that accompanies the smart contract and its factory.

One part of what we’re trying to do is clean up the DeFi and NFT space where everyone is deploying their own custom smart contracts. It’s far simpler to trust one battle-tested factory to produce identical instances, that differ only in their parameters. That’s why people trust UniSwap liquidity pools, for instance, without having to worry that one of them has a “sleeper” line that will “rugpull” everyone one day.

This is a major step on the way to launching NFT Remix soon. Let it not be said that Intercoin is sitting still. It seems we’re always working and deploying.


This is amazing Greg. I particularly like the flexibility and gasless transactions for Artists like myself which will be much appreciated. Having a safe and secure place for NFTs is important for Artists and I can’t wait to see NFT Remix launch!


I see almost every crypto project jumping into NFTs. They mainly are all doing the same thing as the next project. I love what you’re doing, the key is to build something nobody else has thought of! :clap:


I’m so thrilled to hear that Intercoin began 2022 by achieving such an incredible goal.
@Gregory_Magarshak1, you really inspire me by having such ambitious dreams and also by your hard work toward this victory with such humility.
In 2021 I saw your hard work with the development team every day to achieve many goals but this accomplishment surpassed all of my expectations :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:
Your love for the community is one of many reasons Intercoin rise to the top because of your relentless search for solutions to problems and innovative ways to improve the world. You set an amazing example for everyone at Intercoin and it is the key to this success and many to come.

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This is the big one: “Allows the NFT issuers to create all kinds of randomness and effects, even after selling it.”.


This is superb! Something really different that will stand out form the crowd!!


Incredible work, thank you.


Big Update: We finally deployed the NFT Factory

After years of work, we have released the v1.0 suite of Intercoin Applications. As part of that, we released the NFT Contract, with a lot of improvements since our initial release earlier this year, on Polygon / MATIC, Binance Smart Chain, and later will release it on Ethereum, too.

Since this is the second contract we designed, its address on all chains is 0x22222242dbee44d6927ce2eb82acf107395478fc


Glad to hear we’ve put the NFT Factory into play.

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WOW Great job Greg :clap::clap::clap: and the Intercoin Devs team
I’m so excited to hear this news as so many artists are interested in the NFT Contract and looking forward to being involved in the Intercoin movement.
So many great collaborations can be achieved now and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s AMA session!

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