Why invest in Startups in a recession

Greg Magarshak speaks about Why invest in Startups in a recession. Watch the video to get more Info.

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Why invest in Startups in a recession

00:00 Intro
02:06 State Of The Economy
05:09 Zero Sum Game
06:52 Layer 2 Adoption
10:14 User Friendly Interface
13:45 How To Grow Your Money
34:17 Types Of Startups To Invest
40:00 Putting Your Money In A Centralized System
41:33 Creation Of Smart Contracts
49:39 Crypto Tokens
53:29 : Strength Of Crypto Tokens


Really enjoyed this video by @Greg_Magarshak1 as he laid out several different points about the Benefits of investing in Start-Up Businesses during this time. Especially considering the benefits you discover on your own when you do the Due Diligence necessary.

Most people will avoid such a powerful step by step approach when it comes to investing in anything let alone a Start-Up business…which is why SOOO many people don’t get the end result they’re looking to achieve.

Getting an understanding of the Foundational natures of Investments is not something that comes without effort and hard work.

As a matter of fact there are a lot of things that really will never even hit the surface in order for you to see most things with true clarity. Most people look at investing and never even realize they’re only looking at the Tip of the Iceberg…when they should be digging into some of the ideas shared in this video.

We have to remember that in all of our getting we have to go after getting a full understanding of not only the business itself…but we must also stay on top of the current existing outer circumstances and weigh all of our options.

Things that are very rarely mentioned are the Timing of when one invest because the Circumstance under which you invest in things are very very important. I have several other points to make but I’ll step to the side for now and allow someone else to chime in.

Great video Greg…and Thanks for taking out the time to lay this out SOOO succinctly.

Tomorrow 'll be sharing this with my friends on Linkedin…Twitter and Facebook…especially sooo many of them who really want to know the real truth about how they should invest in our current crypto marketplace.

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