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If there is a way you want to help or get involved with the Intercoin project, feel free to list it here.

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Hey all, my name is Greg Magarshak. Back in 2011 I founded my first startup, Qbix and built an open source platform that helps communities manage their own Social Network. Like Facebook but with ownership of their own data, identity and brand. Since 2011, our apps have been downloaded by millions of users in over 110 countries.

Last year, together with Jason Page, I cofounded Intercoin to build an open source platform that helps communities manage their own Currency. Like Paypal, but with control of their own analytics, rules and money supply. I spent the last couple years looking at the best ideas in decentralized ledger technology and speaking with the teams that built it. We think we can build a much more scalable architecture than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A couple notable things about me:

  • In my younger years, I used to be a concert pianist, performing in Carnegie Hall and on TV, until I got pulled into the world of building software.
  • I was 14 when I first went to college
  • My background is in computer science and mathematics

I would like to see social networks actually used for real life social meetups, and cryptocurrencies actually used for real life payments. That’s the vision that drives me.


Welcome everyone to the Intercoin community. My name is Jason Bradley Page. I have been fascinated by local currencies since 2006 when I first heard about the BerkShare. Introduced to Cryptocurrencies in 2010.

My affiliation with the Bitcoin Center from 2013-2015 started my career path in the Crypto/Blockchain space which you can read more about at Met Greg Magarshak years ago through mutual friends. Synchronous events between meeting Greg and learning about local currencies lead me down a path of discovery of decentralized social networks, community currencies, and the Interledger protocol.

Ryan Fugger’s Interledger Protocol made me realize the future can have tens of thousands of programmable currencies each individualized to the needs of individuals and their communities. These local currencies, community currencies or common affair currencies need a secure, decentralized, scalable and reliable protocol. Something that bridges all currencies in existence built on the principles of sound money. That is Intercoin.


Hi, my name is Daniel Ameli. I’ve always been interested in technology, finance, and world-changing ideas. In 2010, I discovered Bitcoin, tech which threatened to disrupt finance and change the world. Its success has spawned an entire ecosystem and many incredible projects. I am an advisor to Intercoin since I am interested in the potential of Universal Basic Income. I have also been advocating for more traction of cryptocurrencies and circular economies. Sometime to change the world, the best way is to start in your own community. For several years after I discovered Bitcoin, I didn’t meet another person who used Bitcoin. When I finally did, it changed my perception of it from a tech project on the Internet to a community of real, motivated, brilliant people.
I have a BA in Economics from NYU, and an MBA from Hult International Business School. Worked in futures, options, and derivatives in traditional financial markets. Background in math, science, computers. Wrote programs and scripts in R and Python. Built advanced Excel spreadsheets. Mined, invested, traded, consulted, gave speeches and wrote articles about bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. Developed automated trading systems, valuation models, and arbitrage strategies. Attended conferences and meetups related to cryptocurrencies and fintech in the US, Europe, and Africa. Knowledgeable about information security, market structure, databases, exchanges, regulations, consensus protocols, game theory, memory pool/fee structure, cryptography, hashing functions, and important events, people, and companies in the space.


Norman here. Currently a student at Baruch College in New York studying traditional finance. I’ve always been interested in the financial markets, ant stumbled upon Ethereum in early 2017. Since then, I’ve grown an interest in how emerging technologies are disrupting the financial markets. Ran into Greg at one of the weekly meetups, and he introduced me to his project Intercoin which I looked into and found compelling. Now I help our team out with marketing. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hello Everyone!

My name is Ivan Carrasquillo and I am the Video Producer for Qbix & Intercoin. Prior to working with such a cool company I worked for a Tech/Media company producing content for influencers with 1+ million follows. I have produced content for Jennifer Lopez, Sean “Diddy” Combs and other celebrities. I have also worked on the new Avatar 2 film as a camera operator and recently produced a commercial for Star Wars.

I love science and technology and the theory of humans and technology becoming one (crazy huh?). My skills range from development (writing, producing, directing) to post production (visual effects, motion graphics, graphics design) and everything in between. I love to learn. I am not well rounded in the cryptocurrency business but it has been something i’ve been trying to get in too.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone. I believe there is something amazing here!


Hi! I’m Felipe and I’m the Head of Media for Intercoin. Prior to working for them, I worked for 9 years in the advertising industry in Brazil for brands like Oracle, Red Bull, Johnson & Johnson, NBA, amongst others. Whether as an executive producer, account manager or international liaison, I’ve also been involved in the production of large events and TV shows like the FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games, PanAmerican Games, Oracle Open World, Fast & Furious world premiere, Pechino Express (Italian version of the Amazing Race reality show) and others.

I have a BA in the equivalent of Liberal Arts in Pontifical Catholic University of Rio and an MBA with emphasis in Marketing from IAG Business School. After leaving school I’ve worked for almost 3 years in a tech start-up in the corporate training space and last year I joined the Youtube Space in New York and started my studies in videography and storytelling. I’m currently based in Bali, Indonesia where I’ve launched a marketing consultancy agency working with young entrepreneurs and content creators from around the world who come to Asia to launch products and services through Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns as well as creating content for digital influencers and personal brands.

I got involved into Blockchain last year while working for a real-estate start-up in Brooklyn where I met Jason Page, Intercoin’s co-founder. Since then, I’ve attended conferences, meet-ups and business meetings in Wall Street, Silicon Valley and South-East Asia while supporting Intercoin building it’s brand, organising the team and doing business development.

I’ll be helping Intercoin with it’s content creation campaign as well as project managing most of our marketing initiatives and working with you guys to make the company have a uniform and consistent communication with stakeholders in the distributed ledger rising market while support its technology awareness and fundraising campaign.


Hey all!

I’m Sean - an LA-based investor and entrepreneur who participated in Interncoin’s presale round through our families’s investment vehicle for blockchain-themed investments (Digital Asset Strategies). I was introduced to Intercoin/Qbix when I met Jason at a family office conference in Rhode Island. From there, I was introduced to Greg from via a friend in the VC community, and decided to get involved a few months ago :).

Most of my professional career has spent working for family offices - typically helping them build their angel investment portfolio. More recently, I’ve worked for some larger firms, including Rayliant Global Advisors - a Hong-Kong based asset manage which supervises ~$20 billion of assets.

Since we’re mostly active at the seed level with small checks ($25k-$100k), we think that our abilty to provide expertise and insight is more important than our abilty to provide capital. For example - my partner, Guanxi, just got back from a 5 day trip to China where he (among other things), is working with a state in China that we hope will use Qbix to build out a “smart labor union” platform.

Exiting to be participating in this form - and especially curious to see @Felipe’s work as Intercoin’s brand evolves :).


Hello all, Dallas Johnston, here. I’ve just recently joined the Advisory Board of Intercoin. Happy to be here because I believe in Greg’s team and the technology they are building, even though I am generally speaking an open skeptic of UBI or UBS schemes. :wink:

I’ve been involved in the blockchain/DLT space since the Ethereum ICO and am working on a few projects that are building on this groundbreaking technology, myself, which is how I met Jason in Japan and was introduced to the Intercoin concept.

The reality is that credit theory of money proponents and the expansionary monetary policies they put in place to drive the modern global economy are unsustainable, and it is just a matter of time before the global monetarist system crumbles under its own weight. I do not pretend to have all the answers, but it is clear that something has to change, and it delights me that the Intercoin project is setting out to do just this.

It is a tall order, indeed, to rectify the currently broken monetary system, but I believe technology like Intercoin has the potential to lay the groundwork necessary to usher in a new era of sustainable money and facilitate true value discovery, powered by self-sovereign communities and their microeconomies. It is to this end that I am happy to be here and contribute in whatever meaningful way possible.


Howdy! I’m Casey from California.

After a chaotic 4 years working in LA in the entertainment industry, I relocated to sunny San Diego where I fell into the medicinal cannabis industry. I now own a part of a wholesale company which distributes premium cannabis products across the US.

I became a huge cryptocurrency nerd a few years back. I enjoy investing in, trading, HODLing and writing about various digital currencies. My blog is here:

I’m also in the process of manufacturing my own product (non cannabis related) I’ll be starting to attempt to sell Chapfloss to the masses in a few months.

Over all, I love staying active and playing futbol, tennis, SUPing, etc. Big time Manchester United and LA Galaxy supporter.


Hey Casey good to have you here. I’m inviting more people but definitely have a look around!


Hello everyone, Sushen here. Currently, I’m freshman at Baruch College intending to major in Financial Mathematics. Exploring the finance fields with keen interest. Fascinated by the crypto world after Bitcoin hit $19k. Recently joined a hedge fund club (namely 50five) at college. Looking forward to learn from Intercoin and meeting you all.


Hey Sushen–Welcome!


uhhh… why is this community all dudes with dicks? no hot babes in here?


Haha you know how it is in tech. But hopefully thats slowly going to change.


Hello and I am glad to be a part of the intercoin community.My name is Bogdan Mihai ,I am from Romania ,and I am eager to find the next big thing -which might be intercoin .
I hope we all work togheter here as a community and help eachother invest the right way and find peace of mind that in 2020 we can invest in something that can gain us a big profit in a few months .
I am eager to know you all and help you in our journey togheter here .


Hey, y’all! My name is Nobody, and I am a 51 year old former software developer (c++,perl,java,html,shell,linux) who is now a host of Free Talk Live, a crypto-philosopher, pope of teh Church of the Invisible Hand, and a prophet of new software architectures.

I have always been excited about the ideas of UBI and crypto, it seems lilke a perfect fit, and as an AnCap, I love the idea of having it be voluntary.

I would love to have a look at the source so far. Is it in github?


Hi Everyone.

I am a consultant that is in the process of developing a large community agriculture project in Africa. I am setting up the project on Circular Economy principles and the entire project will run on blockchain and community currency.

I have been active in community-based projects in Africa and I feel that the time is right for these initiatives and technologies to help establish sustained agrarian societies in emerging economies.


Hey, everybody. I’m a regular user and I’ve heard about cryptocurrency for a long time, but I didn’t give it any importance. Now I realize I was wrong. I’d like to understand more about it, and I hope Intercoin can help me with that…