Where's the code?

So I love the ideas that I have seen put forward, and am thinking about lots of different coins that could be implemented.

But is there any actual code?

I would love to see some more technical information, so I could start actually designing.

What is the state of the code, and where can it be seen?


Thank you for posting @pop_nobody. @Norman @Greg do you want to answer this question? I know you love to get techy haha

@pope_nobody Welcome to the community! If you haven’t had a chance to introduce yourself, we would love to know more about you, your background, how you got interested on cryptocurrency and Intercoin, and what brings you to the community?


I believe I posted an intro several months ago. I will check.


The app layer code is at https://github.com/Intercoin

Check out the various smart contracts being written there in Solidity.
The code of the Intercoin alternative platform is coming later in 2021.

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