What made you decide to come to the Community Forum?

Let’s share some personal stories shall we?

I would love to get to know our community here, so comment below how and when did you hear about Intercoin, why did you sign up to the community forum or what are you expecting to get out of this community?


Ok since i asked, i am going first. Cryptocurrency have always fascinated me but i guess i believed it was a thing that will happen in the far far future so i didn’t spend much time searching and learning about it. But as more time passed, it has totally changed my mind. Just look at what is happening in the world today.

Me and my husband were in a conference in New Hampshire some years ago and this guy spoke about Bitcoin and asking us to invest in it. It was $20 or something a bitcoin. It never occurred to me until that point that we can have a digital currency other than money as we know it. I didn’t invest as i thought was a scam to be honest. WRONG! I still regret it. I could have become a millionaire and i blew my chance away.

Back to present, i was listening to Free Talk Live Show and I heard the speakers mention Intercoin. When i heard that Intercoin was working on giving communities an opportunity to issue their own currency, i felt excited. I wanted to know more and be part of the team in a way or another.

I joined this community 3 months ago, I am hoping i will learn a lot about cryptocurrency, blockchain, smart contracts and many other things I didn’t know some of them existed until i became part of the forum.

So great job @Greg and many others. This is a great way to bring people together and engage and learn from another.


@Jacques @cherkes_anna @tomazg @MartinB @Casey @Panoplos @aaron_chauncey Hi guys! I wanted to learn more on how you heard about Intercoin, when did you join the community and what are you looking forward to learn more?