What Is Intercoin and How Does it Work?

Since a lot of you have a lot of questions, we have made few videos that can explain more about Intercoin and how would work in your community.

First Thing first, watch this demo that our foudner @Greg created during a webinar. He explains really clearly: "What is Intercoin all about??"

You can also watch this interview with both of our founders and CryptoCowboys Show where they explain the vision of Intercoin, how they came up with the idea, and more:

Now for the fun stuff. How would Intercoin work in a real example within a community as a reserve for digital tokens? This demo by our founder @Greg explains clearly how it works and what makes Intercoin different from other cryptocurrencies out there:

We know that at this day big Cryptos out there like Bitcoin and Ethereum are not being used in everyday’s transactions for many reasons mentioned in the video below.

Intercoin is a global currency platform that enables communities around the world to issue and manage their own currency, to circulate among their local population. Intercoin enables fintech innovation on the local community level, leading to stronger communities, greater sustainability, less poverty, and more productivity. Intercoin picks up where BTC and ETH left off, building a platform that’s not just secure, but scalable too.

The video below shows how Intercoin empowers any type of community from Universities to cities and goverments to issue and manage their own digital currency.

What are some question you have about Intercoin or any of our projects?

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It helps to know a bit about blockchain but what I love about these videos is we really break it down. BTW Intercoin show is coming soon yall


Great collection of videos! Thank you @MarsildaB for your special view to help everyone to understand such an interesting project!

You can watch this video for a preview of some of Intercoin’s applications that our amazing team is working on developing.

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