Welcome to the Intercoin Community!

Intercoin is the next step in the evolution of money. Join us!

Just as the Internet is a global network that connects local networks, Intercoin is a global currency platform that enables communities around the world to issue and manage their own currency, to circulate among their local population. Intercoin enables fintech innovation on the local community level, leading to stronger communities, greater sustainability, less poverty, and more productivity.

Things that Intercoin can make possible are:

  • Community currencies with near-zero fees and lightning quick transaction times
  • Cross-border payments with low or near-zero fees
  • Initial Coin Offerings and Fundraising
  • Stablecoins that actually work
  • Community-based Basic Income and Governance
  • Micropayments

To learn more about Intercoin and some of its applications, visit intercoin.org and watch the video, read the whitepaper, and familiarize yourself with the technology. Here, you will find people who are interested in building the future of money together. Welcome to the forum!

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