Walmart is quietly preparing to enter the metaverse

Walmart is quietly preparing to enter the metaverse

Walmart appears to be venturing into the metaverse with plans to create its own cryptocurrency and collection of NFTs.

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What does this mean???

On a global scale, Walmart has a total number of 11,501 stores . During the pandemic, Walmart’s e-commerce went up by 74%. Texas has the highest number of stores — 516. Weekly, Walmart stores have around 265 million customers around the world.

So if a industry giant is in the process of entering this spaces in my opinion mass adoption is in the near future. It’s not the 80’s or 90’ things move faster by the day, especially in the tech industry.

Some other large franchises also that stand out especially when it comes to NFTs are: Mc Donald’s

And another Burger King

I think the entire world is strongly influenced by art. With that being said I think NFTs will be a huge on ramp as for drawing masses of people into the crypto space. I think Greg’s idea to not only add NFTs to Intercoin’s platform, but build something on higher level is genius and his timing is perfect. Introducing more functions of a traditional NFT.

Read this sneak peek to better understand Intercoin’s mission in the NFT space.


Crypto space is gaining momentum despite its volatility. NFTs as digital collectibles are quickly exploding!
NFTs extend Web 3.0, further disintermediating the internet, its model has the ability to redistribute the power, ownership and reward structure to creators and communities.
Mass adoption of decentralized economy, further enabled by NFTs and their properties faces several structural hurdles.
Intercoin addresses the following hurdles:

  • Market access - introducing innovative smart contracts for powering NFTs
  • Performance and scalability – robust NFT ecosystem with end-to-end solutions and purpose-built networks
  • Secure storage – secure NFT smart contracts, introducing risks around reliability, ownership and privacy
  • Cross-chain interactions - enables the seamless transfer of value, data and information among different blockchain networks

Adidas also did NFTs along with Bored Ape Yacht Club which I think is huge. The NFT space is getting further legitimised by the day!

@Boikanyo_Trust_Phenyo “Cross-chain interactions” - Interoperability is going to be the key word in blockchain this year so being blockchain agnostic is huge!


WOW! I am just now finding out about Walmart getting involved with NFTS and crypto. It doesn’t surprise me this retail giant wants to hop on the NFT/crypto bandwagon. I think mass adoption is getting closer and closer. Soon we will all be using crypto for everyday expenses, bills, gas, ect. I actually love hearing these stories because it truly shows how early we all still are. Could you imagine where we will be with NFTS and Crypto in 2030?


I think by 2030 we will all have turned into an NFT :joy:


It could all be a simulation as well…We might already be in the metaverse as NFTS and our crypto we hold. :joy:


Omg that’s something to think about! :exploding_head:


COOL to read this post from January almost 9 months later to see how much has changed in the economy. More importantly how purchasing NFT’s by most consumers has slowed down. How the New Focus of building Added Value and Utility has become the Central FOCUS of the average NFT purchaser but was always the Long Term Strategy of the more sophisticated player.

This was a GREAT Read…Offering many Lessons in the Process but none as Important as the Universal Laws of Time…Having a Short Term approach to a Long Term GAME only ends in Disaster. And that’s not saying one can’t have a Short Term Strategy.

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And finally, CNBC announced that Walmart is entering the metaverse with two experiences, Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play, in gaming platform Roblox.

Walmart enters the metaverse with Roblox (