Universal Basic Income with Scott Santens - Part 1

Back in September 2022, we hosted a Twitter Spaces discussion with @scottsantens – the most prolific writer supporting Universal Basic Income. We cover many topics in this 2 hour video, which you can see below.

00:18 Introducing Scott Santens. 00:52 Scott Meeting Andrew Yang. 01:03 How Scott got into Basic income (UBI). 04:16 Andrew Yang reasons for running for presidency. 05:55 Universal basic income in the crypto space. 08:02 Advantages of Universal basic income in the Crypto space. 11:43 Supporters of Universal Basic Income. 18:41 Universal Basic Income, Socialism and Capitalism. 28:01 Question and Answer session with Scott Santens. 28:34 UBI solving crime, poverty and unemployment. 31:46 Low inequality in Alaska. 34:19 Dealing with inflation and Universal Basic Income. 43:25 Universal Basic Income and Corruption. 50:26 Trust & Universal Basic Income. 55:46 Democracy dollars. 57:02 Better Distribution of taxes. 01:00:19 Federal Jobs Guarantee. 01:06:06 Motivation for people to work. 01:10:03 Impacts of jobs by (UBI) 01:23:20 Universal basic healthcare. 01:26:40 Public Infrastructure and service. 01:28:32 Earned Income Tax Credit.

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It was my great pleasure to participate in this show and it was one of the best UBI shows I have ever heard of.

I’m glad to see that people now can watch the recording of it.

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Was at this live Event with Scott Stantens on the Twitter Spaces…this was a Hot Session full of interesting ideas. Stantens corrected a lot of misunderstood ideas that have to do with UBI. He also brought Clarity through his Fresh Perspective on how things really impact the bottomline.