Understanding Intercoin + Qbix

Understanding Intercoin + Qbix

Intercoin lets communities release and manage their own currency and ensure integrity in democratically run elections, governance and Universal Basic Income. Its mission is to take care of the technology, liquidity and regulatory issues so the issuer can focus on their actual use case. We have already presold $700K in tokens, completed the architecture and have access to 40,000 nodes to secure the network using the infrastructure from Qbix.

Qbix lets communities release and manage their own social network, and launch it in the app stores for their members. Our apps have already reached millions of users in over 95 countries, including 45,000 community leaders. We launched a Platform that can change the world by transforming social networking. We were able to get to this point after only ever raising $242K from investors, and since then we have made nearly $1M in revenues.

These are examples of the kind of features that can be readily implemented.

Many of these require lots of ingenuity and iteration to work across all platforms. We take care of the
underlying functionality, so you can focus on running your platform.
Intercoin is doing something similar, allowing communities to release their own currency to
their members, without having to worry about all the details of technology, regulations, and
liquidity for their coins.

Both companies are building open infrastructure projects to liberate people from the

Feudalism that is currently found on the Social and Payment platforms.
Qbix lets communities own their own data, brand and relationships. Meanwhile, Intercoin goes further and uses cryptography to empower people to coordinate activities in a private way without any central
servers at all, including currency and governance.


Great video overview David! No one truly understands the full potential of Intercoin without hearing about Qbix and the communities we have already established.