Tiffany enters the NFT space by buying Rocket Factory's Okapi NFT for 115 ETH

Tiffany enters the NFT space by buying Rocket Factory’s Okapi NFT for 115 ETH

American jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. announced on Twitter that it had purchased Okapi NFT from Rocket Factory, an NFT series, to enter the NFT field. According to OpenSea data, five days ago (March 21), sold Okapi NFTs for 115 ETH. At present, Tiffany has replaced the Twitter avatar with this NFT.

It has come to light that American artist Tom Sachs launched a rocket Factory in August last year. The rocket consists of three components NFTs: head, trunk, and tail. These can be interconnected together to make a complete rocket. The upper limit of complete rockets is 1,000.

I don’t know why, but this one surprised me!

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WOW 115 ETH now that’s a congratulatory sale! I wonder if Tiffany & Co will start their own collection soon? That would be cool to see. Buy the NFT and you get the matching jewelry shipped. hmmm…

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