The Sacramento Kings X Ankr Half-Court Shot!

The Sacramento Kings X Ankr Half-Court Shot!

Ankr is a proud sponsor of the Sacramento Kings NBA team. We will be hosting a half-court shot event during the team’s game against the Golden State Warriors on April 3. One lucky contestant could walk away with a first-of-its-kind prize that provides ongoing rewards.

This event will be on “Tech Night” to celebrate the most innovative NBA team in the league, who established a MiningForGood charitable program in 2018. The Kings host a mining operation in the first-ever tier 4 data center in a professional sports venue located within their home arena

The Half-Court Shot Event

During the Kings game on April 3, Ankr and the Kings will welcome a randomly chosen contestant to the court to try their luck at sinking a shot from half-court!

They will have one shot to walk away with incredible prizes. However, if they miss, more contestants will try again next season (2022–2023 NBA Season) and the season after until someone makes it!


  1. An exclusive Ankr NFT with accumulating rewards
  2. $5,000 Cash

What Is the NFT’s Value?

The NFT features exclusive art and has unique value as it lets the holder access ongoing rewards. The owner of the NFT will effectively become a “node provider” on Ankr Protocol. This person won’t need any previous technical knowledge — Ankr will take care of all node setup, costs, and operations. The holder of this NFT can sit back, relax and collect the rewards tied to the NFT.