The Metaverse and the reality

Every single week I can see that more and more people and companies are getting involved in some sort of activities related to the Metaverse and it is becoming a reality.

The main question for me now is whether people can emotionally adapt to meet it or not.

It looks like we all have a different understanding of the Metaverse and no single definition of it yet.

However, I can see that it can broadly be described as a virtual world where users can meet, work, play, shop and socialize in real-time within simulated scenarios and not be limited by one type of used technology.

The biggest interest and attention came following Facebook’s rebranding to Meta last year.

Since then so many enterprises began their journey with the overview of how they can develop economies, trade with other companies, and form alliances in new and imaginative ways in the Metaverse.

And now, just 1 year later, we can see SO MANY use cases and applications that grow a broader range of activities that people are doing in the Metaverse.

New communities are growing in different ways in different metaverses without the limitations of one country or one culture.

I wonder what stimulates this type of growth?

What do you think?

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