The Intercoin Show — Tyler Penning

The Intercoin Show | Wednesday June 1st
Guest Tyler Penning | Written by Michael Neuvirth

Tyler Penning’s soft skills are often mistaken as magic!

He is the COO of The DAOstronaut, the CMO of Solicy and the US Ambassador for the Borderless Blockchain Alliance.

Tyler has over 5 years of blockchain related experiences ranging from ASIC/GPU mining to complex cross-chain builds. He has been blessed to watch the industry explode from the ICO promises of 2017 to the immersive and innovative metaverse of today!

Tyler is a democratic, passionate, creative, unorthodox C-suite level executive assassin WIZARD - obsessed with the efficient and effective utilization of ALL the resources available at all of our disposal.

His mantra is - Ask the question, push the boundary, break the norm and challenge the statuesque. Rules are meant to be rewritten.


Cool to see Tyler presenting here on the Intercoin Show. I look forward to his interview segment today.