The Intercoin Show — Tracy Greenan

The Intercoin Show | Wednesday June 8th 2022
Guest: Tracy Greenan | Written by Michael Neuvirth

Tracy Greenan is a British/Asian-1st gen Canadian aesthete and serial fashion entrepreneur.

Her brand – AURELIA + ICARUS is a future forward phygital d-to-c fine jewelry house, born out of a passion for individuality and innovation.

Virtual and phygital jewelry with wearable NFTs and augmented reality filters are merged with the brand to provide a vibrant and original collectible option for the client experience as well as a more environmentally friendly alternative. These limited edition NFTs are unique as they can be worn on video calls, avatars, gaming and across virtual worlds.

Tracy was selected as an Advisory Board Member at the Metaverse Fashion Council.

To give you a few insights into Tracy - Intercoin asked her the following 3 questions:

  1. Intercoin: What is the best advice you have ever received?
    Tracy: “Sleeping on it before immediately giving a knee jerk reaction to something that prompts strong feelings. This is especially important in keeping emotion out of business.”

  2. Intercoin: What is the best advice you ever gave?
    Tracy: “We are not curing cancer here! In the fashion industry and in fashion tech – people need not get carried away and wound up in the hysteria of the metaverse or panic when things don’t go as planned. Think big picture and put things into perspective.”

  3. Intercoin: What keeps you up at night?
    Tracy: “I try not to think of anything at bedtime as sleep is so important to me. If there is something that pops in my head at night, I usually keep a notepad and a pen at my bedside, write it down and then forget about it until the next day. Writing it down releases to do lists from my mind.”

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Great input here by Tracy Greenan.