The Intercoin Show Tomaž Fleischman

The Intercoin Show | Wednesday May 18th 2022

Guest: Tomaž Fleischman | Written by Michael Neuvirth

Tomaž Fleischman (B.Sc. Computer Science, Ljubljana; MBA, IEDC Bled School of Management) is a Local Currency Designer at Informal.

His career started at IBM as an e-business evangelist, he was director of internet services in successful startup Telemach, and then CEO of a trading company.

Tomaž specializes in trade credit and liquidity-saving mechanisms – bringing his broad industry and business experience into the development of monetary and payment systems.

Tomaž joined Informal this year to deliver on the promise of local money systems as the basis for self-sufficient local economies to prosper.

To give you a few insights into Tomaž - Intercoin asked him 3 questions and below you will find his answers: Food for thought for the show!

  1. Intercoin: What is the best advice you have ever received?
    Tomaž: It is a proverb. “Money is not for the poor”

  2. Intercoin: What is the best advice you have given?
    Tomaž: “Don’t borrow what you can’t earn”

  3. Intercoin: What keeps you up at night?
    : “Thinking about the best way to bring trade-credit to Tomaž: the blockchain and integrate it with on-chain liquidity."


Would be great to have someone from traditional finance space share their insights and experience in a crypto-centric discussion. Looking forward to seeing you in the show Tomaz!


Heeey Tomaz… look forward to seeing you on the show.