The Intercoin Show Sterling Kurtz

The Intercoin Show | Wednesday May 18th 2022

Guest: Sterling Kurtz | Written by Michael Neuvirth

Sterling Kurtz is an Entrepreneur, Support Technician and an Influencer. He loves to help websites stand out.

Sterling also loves ideas, discipline, and trying new things. He hates - negativity, complaining, and laziness!

He is a self-taught entrepreneur who jumps out of bed every morning in order to build the best possible websites, the most value-added social media and mutually beneficial communities. He also makes sure that he teaches himself something new everyday.

To give you a few insights into Sterling - Intercoin asked him 3 questions and below you will find his answers: Planting seeds in your mind to get you ready for the show!

  1. Intercoin: What is the best advice you have ever received?
    Sterling: “Success is not making millions of dollars, success is waking up with a will to live.”

  2. Intercoin: What is the best advice you have given?
    Sterling: “It’s on YOU, to get YOU, where YOU want to be!”

  3. Intercoin: What is your best tip for growing a website?
    Sterling: “Consistency - Growing a website takes consistent work and you need to nurture your website and give it time to grow.”


Wow, such a talented young man and i cant wait to hear from him at the Intercoin Show.


Can’t wait for the show. Thanks for having me!


without these attitudinal mindsets, one can only do a little sometimes in this world. cant wait to see you on the show Kurtz


Heeey Kurtz…look forward to hearing you on the show.


Thanks Fam can’t wait to hear your story. Much respect! :raised_hands:t3:

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