The Intercoin Show — Jesse Rademacher

The Intercoin Show | Wednesday June 1st 2022

Guest Jesse Rademacher | Written by Michael Neuvirth

Jesse Rademacher is Co-Founder of Madeium – the first “Design DAO.”

Madeium exists to harness the world’s lost creative potential with a community centric approach for designers, innovators, thinkers and makers. Madeium harnesses great solutions to enhance the future for humanity.

Jesse is a Consultant, Design Advocate, Startup Founder, Design Director, Author, and Creative Thinker.

He has over 15 years of first hand experience developing brand identities through Design, Business, and Execution. He has led teams cross-functionally to see projects from concept to market.

Jessie designed brands, footwear, and products for James Harden, Pharrell, Damian Lillard, Kanye, Mark Gonzales, Daniel Patrick, Donovan Mitchell, and other premier talent.

To give you a few insights into Jessie - Intercoin asked him 3 questions and below you will find his answers: Food for thought for the show!

  1. Intercoin: What is the best advice you have ever received?

Jessie: “Be unique, be a freak, be fixated on being you. Authenticity always wins. Real recognizes real.”

  1. Intercoin: What is the best advice you have given?

Jessie: “Keep your chin up. Don’t get too low, don’t get too high. This too shall pass. Enjoy the ride.”

  1. Intercoin: What keeps you up at night?

Jessie: “ I’m obsessed with carving out public spaces for the future rather than the world’s best innovation tools falling into exclusively centralized mega-conglomerates. We are fighting for people, ideas, and a distributed future for creatives and humans.”


Looking forward to seeing Jesse Rademacher on the Intercoin Show Today.