The Intercoin App: Making Crypto Mainstream

Qbix and Intercoin build next-generation tools that empower people to manage and govern their own communities, currencies, payments, and even elections. The technology to do this essentially consists of three layers:

  1. Platform This layer runs on multiple nodes around the world, which receive and execute transactions. Examples include Ethereum, EOS, BinanceChain, and eventually, Intercoin’s own native technology.

  2. Implementation This layer consists of the smart contracts that implement the reliable “back end logic”, running on the secure platform. Intercoin has implemented a growing number of innovative smart contracts for communities.

  3. Application The user interface (UI / UX) is inside a website or app downloaded from the App Store. This is what regular people use to create their own wallet, private keys, and sign transactions using their devices.

The crypto industry has focused mostly on occasional peer-to-peer transactions. This is reflected in the current crop of technology. Layer 1 (Blockchain) doesn’t scale very well. Layer 2 (DeFi) is mostly concerned with trading, borrowing and investing. And Layer 3 (Dapps) merely enable basic address books and sending tokens to and fro.

To get mainstream adoption, crypto technology needs to grow up and mature, in all three layers. Then it will be able to serve the everyday needs of real communities, like universities, festivals, towns, cities, and online communities. And the front end experience needs to become far easier and more user-friendly, like WhatsApp or Telegram, so even a grandma can use it.

The Intercoin App

That’s the goal of the Intercoin App, coming out in a few months. It will enable all kinds of community applications, including managing roles, permissions, currencies, running elections, contests, disbursements, including a universal basic income paid out in the community’s own currency.

Under the hood are a lot of new developments, combining some of the newest developments from economics, regulations, and technology. However, users of the Intercoin App will never have to worry about layers 1 and 2. They will be presented with an easy-to-user interface to launch, manage and deploy all kinds of community apps, inviting others to them.

This where the Intercoin tokens come in. Just as Ether “gas” is paid to miners in Ethereum, Intercoin tokens will be paid to nodes that facilitate easy-to-user invites and on-boarding, who don’t even need to buy any ETH or mess around with 12-word phrases to get started. Intercoin will eventually also come to be used as a bridge currency and reserve currency used to collateralize synthetic tokens in the Intercoin ecosystem, as described in our whitepaper.

What’s Coming

In a few months, you’ll be able to visit and download a user-friendly app that enables you to start various initiatives on the blockchain, invite your friends, and get things done for your community. The app should be available on the web and in app stores.

We will be launching the Intercoin Show in order to teach people how all this technology works. The show will feature interviews and explanations about the latest developments in blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts. We will invite people to submit their own stories, to be featured on the show. Clips from the show will be shared right here on the forum, each one about a specific aspect of the Intercoin technology. You’ll be able to share them with your friends, and help them “JOIN THE EVOLUTION”.

Whether you’re interested in economics, technology, sociology, or just want to be part of the solution, join us! This community you’re currently on is on its way to gradually becoming a central place for learning and discussing all things related to community currencies, secure elections, governance, and their social impact. Click the button above to register and participate in the conversation. We will be also inviting people to receive Intercoin tokens and participate in other opportunities.


If you have questions or want to learn more about the two platforms Qbix and Intercoin, we have created a document that talks in depth of the comparison of the two platforms and answers any question you might have.

If you want to learn more, watch a demo or meet the team, we are always available to chat and answer any additional questions you might have.

You can pick a day and time that best works for you from our team calendar here.


Zoom and Google let us videoconference. Facebook and iMessage host our conversations. Large social networks have recently added ways for us to pay one another and so on.
Because data and money accumulate in centralized databases it makes it easy for hackers or advertisers to take advantage of the flaw. The article below explains a little bit in depth why it’s now time for crypto to ditch global consensus in order to get mainstream adoption.


Thank you for sharing @Arjeta. That’s a really good article that provides more details on even why we need more decentralized networks.


Intercoin aims to empower communities by providing a platform that gives users access to fast and secure transactions without additional fees. Elements like smart contracts and UBI make it unique and a step forward towards revolutionizing the cryptocurrency market as it stands today.

To learn more about how to buy, sell, or trade Intercoin this video is a great resource:


Really looking forward to see the Intercoin app roll out and playing around with all the functionality.


Hi folks, this is kevin, network & blockchain engineer who is developing on the intercoin dapp.

Please feel free to watch the enclosed video regarding the upcoming intercoin dapp in the following link

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Please feel free to check how to get the ITR on the upcoming intercoin app by using the follow link:


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Thank you Elena, will post other UIs i already built soon (3)


Hi, folks, feel free to check the progress of intercoin appCurrency&Governance(Mobile)


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Hi folks, please feel free to check the following link regarding the upcoming intercoin app :


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work in progress Intercoin App is coming along. Work in progress

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Intercoin App is coming along. Work in progress!!!


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