The Importance Of Tech Adoption

Adoption or acceptance (AOA) is one of the cornerstones of life. With human nature AOA comes with the territory. It is also in the animal kingdom. There are a few outliers within the animal kingdom, such as the tiger who is solitary. The complete opposite would be the pride of lions. My wild guess would be the pride of lions looking for AOA among each other. What I do know for sure is that humans seek AOA one way or another. What does this have to do with technology?

The good ole days of the landline (for most) and carbon copies of a credit card receipt are gone. Technology has allowed people to accomplish amazing things at a blinding pace. Even with our accomplishments there are still many people that want nothing to do with technological advancement. The reason is not that surprising and a valid one, PRIVACY.

With community coins from Intercoin, people are able to manage their identity across their communities without being tracked by third parties. Yahoo, Linkedin and Equifax all experienced data breaches.

Qbix, the company launching Intercoin, has developed an open protocol for identity that’s compatible with everything else out there. The open source Qbix Platform is ready to be used by communities, websites and app developers. It lets people use native apps running on their personal devices to securely authenticate with any website.

Having control over your own identity and data is key to living a private life. AOA must come when dealing with technology. The concerns for privacy are real. The breaches are real. The collection of our personal data and stats of usage are real. The worst part is that the data is being shared and in some cases sold. Where is my commission? Where is my privacy?

Intercoin can not only give power and dignity to communities, it delivers much needed privacy in a world of data collection and digital surveillance. Adoption or acceptance through convenience with risk of being a digital commodity or through the confidence of remaining secure and most of all PRIVATE.


Yeah people are trusting these tech giants less and less. I think we would all be shocked by how much information they actually hold (and sell like you said) on us all.

How often have you mentioned something in conversation only for an advert to pop up for that exact thing.

Web 3.0 here we come :raised_hands:t2: