The Forward Party

The Forward Party

“Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy”. This is the title of a new book released by former presidential and New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang on Oct 5, 2021 . Yang ran for president in the last US presidential election in 2020 while aligned with the Democratic party. He gained attention on several fronts on his campaign, one of which was universal basic income (UBI). Now, Yang has branched out after 26 years being a democrat and created his own independent party called, The Forward Party.
The tenets of the Forward Party are:

  1. Open Primaries & Ranked Choice Voting
  2. Universal Basic Income
  3. Human-Centered Economy
  4. Fact-Based Governance
  5. Modern & Effective Government
  6. Grace & Tolerance

Yang during his 2020 presidential election said he would implement UBI of $1000/month for every American Adult over the age of 18. He believes that UBI would permanently grow the economy by 12.5 to 13.10 percent by 2025 and increase the labor force by 4.5 to 4.7 million people. If Yang is able to have his way, we could see a greater push for UBI in the coming years. In a recent tweet on Twitter, Yang said, “Cryptocurrency is one path to universal basic income.”

In my recent article, Universal Basic Income – A new income stream , I gave a brief explanation of UBI and how companies like Intercoin, with its community kit, could help with effectively rolling out UBI if it gets more traction in the future.

Yang is also a huge enthusiast of Cryptocurrencies. He has expressed that he supports Bitcoin and what it stands for in another one of his recent tweet.

However, these were not the only times Yang has voiced his opinion about cryptocurrencies. Whilst on his presidential campaign in 2019, Yang wrote a blog outlining a framework to use to regulate cryptocurrencies on a national level. In 2020 he allowed supporters to send donations for his Presidential campaign in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“Crypto advocate Andrew Yang plans to transform New York City into a Bitcoin hub if he’s elected mayor”. This headline is from Market Insider .

If you love crypto and this headline didn’t make your hair stand up, then I bet you shaved all your hair off. Yang ran in the Mayoral primaries for New York which was scheduled for June 22, 2021 with the elections set for November 2, 2021. Unfortunately, Yang dropped out of the race earlier this year after being an early front-runner.

The future is bright for cryptocurrency and with more push by political leaders such as Andrew Yang, then these cryptos could become an integral part of our future.


Well I’m confident he is onto something! Also he gets crypto so #YangGang it is!

Something I have been saying forever is only really have two major political parties is a huge problem. It divides the country. Many other countries have 5 plus parties that are all significant.

Time for a change! :100:


I like this article.


UBI in big cities like NY can be challenging as there’s a big population of people with very low income, unemployment, disability leave and so on, so it might be hard to balance the tax payers money but you need to see it play out and tested I guess


Such a good article!

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Your responses are always on point! I totally agree with your pov!

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