The Art of NFTs — Generating Wealth

The Art of NFTs — Generating Wealth

Although NFTs have a wide range of use case, I wanna talk about the art aspect and how it transformed the industry for artists.

This article is one example of how a 12 year old girl sold out her NFT art collection within hours, making millions dollars! :exploding_head:

Another example is earlier this year Mike Winkelmann or better known as Beeple sold a NFT for $69 million dollars, when previously he had never sold art over $100.

Im not a artist but I do spend lots of time on Twitter Spaces. I often ask artist that are sharing their journey about their art how the success of their art changed since entering the NFT space. Generally something that’s seems to be the common answer is the ability to have more reach of a audience, allowing the artist to generating more sales. Majority of the artists comment they previously sold their work locally. Now after entering the NFT market they are able to reach the entire world by both a combination of social media and NFT platforms.

Some complain about the gas fee but… if you consider purchasing physical art online shipping cost apply.

~Batman said “Just Buy it!"

Another thing that stands out to me when talking about NFTs is community! I would have to say the NFT communities I came across have been absolutely amazing. They all seem to support each other and build together!

Which is exciting news considering Intercoin is all about connecting people and building communities. Not to mention we are launching NFT platform with a twist in the new year. Details to drop soon! Stay tuned :eyes:


NFTs with a twist ya say?:thinking::sunglasses:

I had no idea that Beeple had never sold art for more than $100 before, that’s incredible! [wondering if I could start a career as an artist💭]


Hmmmm, why not? :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Maybe Alisha does lessons :joy:

You’re so right about NFT communities, they are always friendly and supportive of each other…stark contrast to the crypto space which can be quite toxic at times.

I suppose it’s because no one is stepping on each other’s toes in that space, there isn’t a limit to how much art there can be in the world. Whereas in crypto certain coins are gunning to be the one to solve an issue. You get tribes from A coin saying it can improve/solve XY and Z so much better than B coin etc.


You never know carts! I believe everyone has a little artist in them. Maybe you should get some paint and canvas and go for it! The NFT community is by far the best one I’ve been in. Excited to see the Intercoin marketplace for NFTS I’ll be first in line!

Stacey what a great article and of course right up my alley. I’ve been a traditional abstract artist for 15 years and have never experienced anything like the NFT community. Supportive, caring, and sharing each-others work. Now that’s unheard of in the traditional Art realm. I entered into NFTS earlier this year and sold more volume this year in NFTS than I have in physical pieces in 2020. It’s amazing! I hope one day I can get as lucky as beeple did! I’ve seen so many artists quit their day jobs after being successful in NFTS. Excited to see the new marketplace that’s coming for Intercoin and I’ll be right there to mint my pieces! :slight_smile:

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Agreed! No room for curators and juried exhibits in the NFT space. It’s all about community. I like it that way. :slight_smile:

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