The American cinema chain AMC Theaters has integrated the ability to pay in Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and other cryptocurrencies into its mobile application

According to the CEO of the company, Adam Aron, the innovation was made possible thanks to the BitPay cryptocurrency processing service.

For the new feature to appear, you need to update the mobile application to the latest version.

AMC Theaters is one of the largest film distribution networks in the US and Europe. It owns over 950 cinemas and 10,500 screens worldwide. It is also the operator of its own online cinema.

In September 2021, the head of the cinema chain launched a survey to add support for Dogecoin. Twitter users supported the idea - in October, the company integrated the payment of gift cards using meme-cryptocurrency.

In the same month, Aron launched a similar poll about adding support for Shiba Inu, a clone of Dogecoin. More than 153,000 people participated in it - the idea was supported by more than 81% of respondents.

In November, AMC Theaters began accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin as an online payment method. According to Aron, the company will add support for Dogecoin in the future.

Recall that in January 2022, AMC Theaters distributed exclusive NFTs to more than 580,000 shareholders.

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Not gonna lie, how do you hate on a meme coin that has the ability to pull this off? They were able to build a community so much respect! :raised_hands:


It’s amazing how far Doge has come! So many people got into crypto starting with Dogecoin. And now being able to pay with it, that’s awesome!

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Kudos to Elon Must. He did it!