Shri Lanka’s shortage of dollars and fuel

With fossil fuel costs rising in price, many countries around the world start to wish their vehicles weren’t locked into this form of fuel, and that there was an alternative form of propulsion. Not preparing before running out of fuel means everything in the country grinding to a halt.

The same can be true for areas that run out of federal money, like dollars, during a recession. In fact, Shri Lanka has run out of dollars, and can’t use its own currency to buy fuel.

This is why we need projects like Intercoin for communities to prepare alternative systems, and have them reach mainstream adoption, before it’s too late:

Here is how it could work for small towns across the world before the recession hits many of them:


This needs to be done ASAP


Agreed… this type of tech is a tool, it is on the leadership and team to execute how the tool is used in the world. Intercoin Fam wants to use this tool to make a difference in communities around the world! Making a lasting impact and providing utility of the tech.


Absolutely a Solution whose time has come.


Absolutely agree with you @Greg :100::+1:t2:
We already had a similar conversation with some of the local counties in the UK and several leaders expressed their interest in the implementation.