SEC's Gary Gensler says the U.S. won't ban crypto - Bloomberg

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler says at a House hearing on Tuesday that the U.S. will not ban cryptocurrencies, but will focus on ensuring that the industry is fairly regulated, Bloomberg reports.

I get the regulation part, yes and no… ok so yes there is a high percentage of crypto projects that are a scam. But nobody is forced into investing.

I find it super weird what the government cares about. Gambling all your money at the casino is ok but gambling on risky crypto projects are not ok.

I’m all about freedom and personal choice I don’t need the government making decisions for me.


I know it is blockchain so it will be hard to be regulated but I also believe there needs to be some regulations at a certain point so people don’t get scammed and all the scammers don’t get away with investors money.

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