SEC approves next best thing to a Bitcoin ETF in the U.S

While the crypto industry will have to keep holding its breath for a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund to be approved in the U.S., the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission has approved an ETF for companies holding large amounts of Bitcoin, called the “Volt Bitcoin Revolution ETF.

I know there will always be cycles, but I strongly feel each cycle with such growth in mass adoption we will see less time in a bear cycle and less of a pull back. All these elites and institutions coming it.

Legit it’s happening!!!


Wow…didn’t hear about this


Interesting, I didn’t knew this

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This is new information for me. Thanks for sharing🙌

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Every time I come here to learn something new it makes me feel so much better about the blockchain world!!

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The SEC needs to stop picking winners and losers and be fair to all participants in the industry. There are many ETFs coming up for approval/disapproval in the coming weeks so it will be interesting to see what will happen.


Not gonna lie over here like :eyes:

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