Richard Heart and Greg discuss what’s coming

Greg Magarshak had a great discussion with Richard Heart about open source and crypto, hex and pulse, and the future of society.
00:00:37 00:25:41 Gregory Magarshak Introduces Richard Heart
00:25:41 00:51:42 Net Neutrality
00:51:42 01:44:38 Largest Things are Open Source
01:44:38 02:02:29 Talking about Pulse
02:02:29 02:05:52 Technology is not the answer
02:05:52 02:20:03 Agorism
02:20:03 02:34:52 Intercoin Business
02:34:52 02:43:49 Elon Musk
02:43:49 02:50:58 Web 2 Discussion
02:50:58 03:25:57 Zero Sum Game


Very interesting discussion all the way around…touching on those few things they differed on. This brought a lot of excitement to some areas most folks have never heard talked about in the public space…or should I say at least I know I haven’t. It was these moments during the discussion that made it a very feisty debate. Great job…there’s a lot more I could say but I’ll leave room for others to chime in here.