Polygon Flips Ethereum on Active User Addresses

The number of active addresses on Polygon has grown by 168% in the past 30 days, while Ethereum’s count has gone up by a meager 0.6%, data from etherscan shows.

The Ethereum network just is not doing it no more with these gas fees! When Ethereum 2.0?


That’s crazy. Thanks for sharing it with us. We need to be able to use crypto on everyday transactions similar how we use venmo or paypal and sometimes is not as easy with the high fees. It makes it hard for cities to adopt it fully.


I couldn’t agree more


Competition is good for the industry. I don’t thing anyone is a fan of these ETH gas fees except for the miners but I don’t think Polygon will be the last to give ETH a run for its money.


agree with you. the majority are not minors, businesses trying to adopt blocchain and crypto will increase so they need easier streamline, lower fees and more

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