NFT space ecosystem with functional models

After several conversations with NFT artists and collectors about multiple challenges on their journey, I can clearly see that the NFT space ecosystem needs a different type of “home” with new and functional models that would help artists “create” instead of draining their energy on some technical challenges…

Yesterday I’ve read a very interesting article about “On-Demand” NFTs as a Solution for Layer-1 Networks and totally agree with the author that “it’s necessary for us to acknowledge that we’re not quite there yet, and maybe some reflection on what the industry is shaping into may be in order right about now.”

“On-Demand” NFTs as a Solution for Layer-1 Networks (Are L2 Solu… — Mirror

Interesting to hear our community’s opinion about crypto and HFT platforms - Can they thrive for a long period of time in their current state OR it is time to change the game altogether, from the bottom up?


Nfts are the future and are pretty profitable,but at the moment the market is not very fair because from what I have seen those who have more advantages have a strong base such as connections with famous people or come from rich families. I hope this thing will be fixed and those simple and unknown artists will be on an equal footing with those who are well known. But if the Nfts market continues like this then it will be unfair to everyone…


I like the idea of on demand NFTs, it definitely makes a lot of sense especially for the artists on Ethereum. Though there are already a few chains with very low fees, I think Protonchain is actually completely free.

I can see the masses joining the space in the coming years picking cheaper/free chains over Ethereum. People that have been in crypto a while seem to accept the fees somewhat, but as the article says people are used to Web 2.0 being completely free. Ethereum will mean nothing to them and they will most likely just go wherever is cheapest & easiest.

We might even see Ethereum being the home of more expensive pieces ($100usd gas on a $10k doesn’t sting nearly as much) with lesser known artists starting on other chains, or even certain chains being known for certain styles. Who knows.

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All the NFTs I own are on ETH but… I’m not saying that trend will continue. Currently in my opinion it’s a popularity thing. Times change and platforms grow. Interested to see where this goes.

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Interesting observation @Carts. I also think that it might become a reality one day… like different cryptocurrencies for different communities.