New guy says hello

Hey there. I lost a ton of money on bitcoin and xrp. Now I’m looking for more of a currency I can use, rather than just invest in. I think Intercoin may just be it!

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Thanks Kyle! That’s why we are doing the Intercoin project - so people everywhere can actually have tons of uses for crypto. From everyday payments to voting. We’re taking crypto mainstream.

How did you hear about the project?

I heard about it on an AM radio show, Freetalk Live.
Is there anywhere I can just go and purchase these coins? I’d rather now sit in on webinars ect ect. I just want to buy some coins. Thanks.

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Sure, absolutely. The main way is to fill out the form at and indicate if you are a US Resident and whether you are an Accredited Investor. Don’t worry – as you fill out the form you will see these terms linked to their definitions in Wikipedia.

Then we reach out to you and walk you through how to get on the whitelist, and from there, you’ll be able to buy coins from us or from a list of people who previously bought and now want to sell some ITR tokens.

@kyle_mccown also filling out the form lets us reach out to you so you can send us your wallet # and get on the whitelist

I lost almost all the money I had in cryptocurrency. Do you think there’ll be another bull race for the altcoins?

I also suffered in 2018. Unfortunately, I had to sell all my coins at a loss.
I think the bull market’s in the front, but I’m not sure that all crypto projects will survive.

Yeah I hear you. Since I’m expecting a market crash soon, I see crypto rising in response. Which ones? Sure not xrp, that garbage coin I’m still holding thousands of.

Of course, most coins are garbage and they were created to collect money from trustful investors. But I still believe in Bitcoin, Ethereum and projects like Intercoin.

I haven’t liked Ripple since 2017. Manipulative coin. It feels like the whales will sell Ripple forever until its price is zero.