Music being pulled from streaming services and transformed into NFTs

Music being pulled from streaming services and transformed into NFTs

Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Releases Pulled From Streaming Platforms

Snoop Dogg gearing up for Death Row Records’ new era by pulling all its music from streamingservices?

After buying the iconic brand and catalog last month and promising to transform it into “an NFT label” operating in the metaverse.

This original tweet was this morning.

Even with such a small number of people in the NFT spaces you can see how quickly this sold out.

Quick reminder we are early AF!


This is insane! We are super early in the NFT space and its only going to get better as time goes on :fire:

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Imagine when NFTs are used for common services like real estate, concert tickets… question will they use Ethereum for those services??? Answer HELL to the NO!!!

It will be on a blockchain that is secure, fast & cheap!!

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You are so right! The ETH gas has temporarily been low which shows the slow uptick in nft sales but you never know what the gas will be in 1 minute from now or 24 hrs from now. Intercoin is the future!!!

Have you heard of Opulous? Funding releases and part ownership/royalties of music via NFTs…

That company I mentioned before (Propy) sold their first property via NFT back in 2017 believe it or not. One of Michael Arrington’s properties in Kiev.

They also sold a property in Florida recently, the whole process being completed in minutes rather than the usual weeks/months :exploding_head:

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