More mayors embrace crypto

This week, San Juan, Puerto Rico. They could use their own city coin to pay e.g. local pensions after all that debt restructuring they just did.

Next week: Washington and Government Blockchain Association. Where we can spend a few days discussing public-private partnerships for city currencies, voting, universal basic income

First Suarez in Florida, then Adams in NYC. Now it seems more and more mayors are embracing crypto for their cities:


Imagine city coins with applications that can change the world! :exploding_head: — Intercoin


More cities need to learn and understand what Intercoin offers so that they can come on board :muscle:


Great to see!

We just need the world to see the benefits/successes of the first movers and it’ll cause a huge domino effect. No-one will want to be left behind.


So exciting! Thank you Greg for putting the work in! 2022 is going to be a great year for Intercoin I can feel it. I just heard Arizona is going to make Bitcoin a legal tender here. :exploding_head:

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How receptive was San Juan, PR to the idea? As a protectorate (colony) of the US, do they face greater restrictions than NYC or Miami?

Their tax laws are much different. Hopefully they are just more open minded about crypto in general!