Meta will let Horizon creators sell virtual items

Meta will let Horizon creators sell virtual items

Meta is testing new features to let creators make money within Horizon Worlds, the company’s social metaverse platform for Quest VR headsets that is soon coming to mobile phones and possibly game consoles.

Most notably, a “handful” of Horizon creators will be able to sell virtual items and effects in the worlds they create for others to explore. The idea is that creators can sell everything from access to a VIP section of their world to virtual items like jewelry or a special basketball, according to Meaghan Fitzgerald, the product marketing director for Horizon. Participants in the US will also be able to earn money from a $10 million creator fund Meta recently set up to reward creators with the most engaging worlds.

With this test of “in-world purchases,” Meta is following in the footsteps of other 3D social platforms like Roblox and Rec Room, which both let creators sell items that they make. Roblox has built a huge business from this model, while Rec Room is growing quickly and prioritizing creator monetization as well.

Wow some good right???

But this…

Meta will charge creators fees of up to 47.5% to sell virtual wares in its metaverse

  • Meta said it’s testing tools to allow creators to sell virtual products in Horizon, its metaverse platform.
  • The company will charge fees of up to 47.5% of the sale price depending where the sale takes place.
  • A Meta executive said the company’s fees amounted to “a pretty competitive rate.”

For a second I thought Zuckerberg was onto something, but yet again lining is own pockets hardcore!