Mayor of NYC Plans To Roll Out A City Cryptocurrency

Mayor of NYC Plans To Roll Out A City Cryptocurrency

Exciting time to hear more and more cities with plans to roll out their own city cryptocurrency.

In this article New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams hopes to create a city-wide cryptocurrency.

Mentioning it’s a move that would make the Big Apple the second city in the nation to collect revenue through digital currency and could position it to become a hub for the emerging crypto industry.

There are so many reasons to do this on a city level over the state, country or even globally.

One of the most obvious is the ability to cater to individuals of each city. Creating a UBI designed around the needs of the people within that community.

Read here what Intercoin’s CEO @Greg wrote about it.

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‘NYC is going to be the centre of the cryptocurrency industry and other fast-growing, innovative industries! Just wait!’ said New York City Mayor-elect ERIC ADAMS

Moreover, he said he’ll take his first three paychecks in Bitcoin!

2021 #Bitcoin Bullrun is totally different from all previous years because cryptocurrencies are not preserved to a small group of tech enthusiasts and hardcore libertarians anymore.

#Cryptocurrencies are showing all the signs of going #mainstream now and Intercoin is designed from the ground up to power community currencies with a scalable architecture to handle many simultaneous payments within communities and across communities.

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We spoke with our first mayor of a town

Hi Yidel. We spoke to our first mayor of a town that wants their own cryptocurrency

Met with Eric Adams back in 2021 before he became mayor of NYC. Meeting with him again this Friday at a similar type of event. He needs to understand about giving UBI in the city’s own currency NYC coin. We have the domain name too :slight_smile:

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