Layers 2s work great

Just got onto Polygon/Matic recently. Fees are low and transactions are fast. You can use most applications. Only problem is that the liquidity and much of the user base is still stuck on L1 Ethereum!

I enjoy seeing projects come up with innovative ways to capture new users. Airdrops and liquidity mining were highly effective ways of bringing users that I noticed people use earlier this year. For example, 1inch airdropped their token to Uniswap traders. Sushiswap also did some liquidity incentives to encourage LPs to move from uniswap to sushiswap. Compound and AAVE did liquidity mining also when they first started out. Maybe Arbitrum/Optimism will follow suit, and do something similar!


:thinking: now I think you’re onto something!

Projects built on Cosmos have had some great ways of attracting new users, as an Atom holder and staker i’ve had quite a few airdrops. In order to receive these airdrops i’ve had to participate in the network in some way.

Osmosis for example - Osmosis is a cross chain Dex on Cosmos with their native token being OSMO, their airdrop was splits into 5 “missions” each worth 20% of your total airdrop allocation.

Mission 0 - holding Atom at the time of the snapshot

Mission 1 - adding liquidity to one of the pools

Mission 2 - making a swap on the AMM

Mission 3 - Stake OSMO

Mission 4 - Vote on a governance proposal

If I had simply just been given these tokens I most likely would have viewed them as free money and sold them for Atom and left the project. Yet here I am now, someone that is super bullish on the project and active in the community. I’m a daily user of Osmosis, I provide liquidity in two pools where the rewards are paid on the daily epochs. I collect these rewards and either stake them, add them them to my LP or swap into other projects i’m invested in on the dex, all which helps the support and secure the project.

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Passive income, that’s where it’s at!

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