Kazakh Government Cracking Down on Crypto Miners

Kazakh Government Cracking Down on Crypto Miners

Kazakhstan’s Financial Monitoring Agency (FMA) reported on Mar. 15 that dozens of crypto mining operations have been shut down within its borders—some voluntarily, others less so.

So far, 55 mining facilities have voluntarily ceased operations following inspections by the government. Those facilities also dismantled and discarded their equipment. Government agencies will prevent that equipment from entering circulation.

We’re hearing more and more countries following suit!

Hashrate Distribution Among the Countries at the Beginning of 2022

Important to note that in 2020, none of them made it to the top 3. Everything happened after the Chinese government had banned cryptocurrency in the country, forcing miners to migrate to other countries like North America and Central Asia. That was the time when hashrate distribution went through drastic changes. First things first.

This👇surprised me!

Today the USA comes first with 35,4%