Jane Adams 2022 Candidate for Congress in Las Vegas

Jane Adams 2022 Candidate for Congress in Las Vegas.

I just this past week came across a crypto-bitcoin supporter candidate running for congress. We all need to do our part supporting these candidates, as this is a opportunity together to make a difference.

A few of her tweets:

This is a recorded Twitter spaces that @Alexandre_Lores hosted on Saturday where he gave her a platform to have a voice! :clap:

I hope to get her as a guest on the Intercoin Show in the near future!!


Yes, @cryptostaceyb I’ve seen many articles that several US politicians are accepting crypto to fund their campaigns but the first of them was Republican Andrew Hemingway.
Though Hemingway ended up losing his bid for governor, a long line of politicians have followed in his footsteps.


So important to show these candidates that we need more crypto supporting individuals like them. I believe Intercoin will be a game changer and when people really find out how Intercoin can change communities, lives, and wellbeing for the people that’s when things will really get awesome. I missed Alex’s space Saturday :exploding_head:


Intercoin News Update Jane Adams will be our special guest next week on the Intercoin Show! :raised_hands:

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