ITR Tokens are now available in more places

Today is a pretty big milestone. After three years of architecting, discussing and developing applications for communities, Intercoin’s ITR token has been listed on its first exchange:

The official ITR contract has been launched at the address 0x1111158f88410da5f92c7e34c01e7b8649bc0155, but you don’t have to remember. Instead we registered the ENS name ITR.ETH – it’s like a domain name, so you can send your tokens to ITR.ETH for example.

This announcement will be expanded in the next few hours, but for anyone who holds ITR that is unrestricted for trading, here are some things you could do:

  1. Register at – it’s free and you probably won’t have to pass any KYC.

  2. You’ll be able to deposit and withdraw the ITR.ETH tokens to and from there.

Learn about ITR tokenomics, and share them with others who you might want to do OTC deals. Both the original investor token and the official ITR have the same properties, are basically the “same class” of asset. But if you hold the original tokens and they’re now unlocked, you’ll be able to transfer the larger of 30,000 ITR or 2% of your balance, to the ITR.ETH token address itself, and it will send you back the official ITR token, which is totally unrestricted for trading. You can trade them on ExMarkets, UniSwap, etc.


Thanks, Greg for the announcement and details on how people can sell ITRs. For those that might be new to the forum or the project you need to first learn more about Intercoin’s story, technology and applications.

:point_right:Intercoin and Qbix: How are they related?…
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:point_right:The Distinction Between Intercoin and the Local Coins for Communities
:point_right:Giving Communities Democratic Decision Making Power | Decentralization | Empowering Communities

These are just a few of the videos that explain the full potential of the project.

I would recommend you join our Show every Wednesday at 12:00pm EST on Telegram where we talk about different topics such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, smart contracts, and more. We also have an open discussion about the project itself, the roadmap, updates and more, so it will be a great opportunity for you to meet the team and be part of the “Making Crypto Go Mainstream Movement”.


Congrats Greg! Today was a really big day about Intercoin! I am so excited and can’t wait to see the ITRs on top of all cryptos!!


Congrats to everyone involved :raised_hands:

Just the beginning


Lots of accomplishments, we’re building this community organically and that’s why Intercoin will start a movement greater than just crypto. Can’t believe I’m part of this! :exploding_head:


Same, i’m so enthusiastic and can’t wait🤩


Congrats to everyone in this project! This is incredible!


Congratulations @Intercoin :raised_hands::raised_hands:


The contract number of the ITR from exmarkets (0x1111158f88410da5f92c7e34c01e7b8649bc0155) doesn’t match the token on Coin Gecko (0x6ef5febbd2a56fab23f18a69d3fb9f4e2a70440b)? Why two different contracts? Doesnt look like I can sell these on Uniswap either. Can you explain please?

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Hi @AJC we are happy to see you here and thank you for your question.

Yes, we had some changes because of a clerical error but we are already in contact with the Operation department at CMC and soon all will be fixed.

@AJC what you are seeing 2 contracts and the one on CoinMarketCap is NOT correct at the moment and IT WILL BE CHANGED to 0x11111 … very shortly.
Meanwhile these are the links that will allow UniSwap Trading:

To buy and swap it, click here:

To add liquidity, click here:

Liquidity has been added by investors.

But soon you will be able to earn rewards for adding locked liquidity yourself.


So excited to be apart of Intercoin. So many great things to come! Great job Greg :clap::clap::clap:


Big Update: We finally deployed the Intercoin Traded Token contract

After years of work, we have released the v1.0 suite of Intercoin Applications. As part of that, we released Intercoin’s own ITR Traded Token Contract on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon / MATIC.

Since ITR is the first and main token we launched, its address on all chains is 0x1111113eaa7bd746d5e1f160b4b2a2b3e2cdc22d. As you can see in Intercoin Tokenomics ITR is going to be a cross-chain token (like Tether), and we are planning to make it available to people Binance Smart Chain next.


WOW Great job Greg :clap::clap::clap: and the Intercoin Devs team
I’m so excited to hear this news and proud to be involved in the Intercoin movement.
So many great things can be achieved now and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s AMA session!

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Wow. That’s a great news.


Congratulations to all of us :wink:

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