IOTA was shut off – it's got centralized

IOTA, a project that was hailed as an alternative to blockchain, with a completely different architecture, has centralized coordinator nodes. And here is the result:

It’s hard to build an alternative architecture that’s different from what’s powering successful projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and at the same time make sure it’s decentralized and secure, yet scalable.


Just check on coinmarketcap right now.

“The sort of meta-question the industry is asking itself is whether IOTA can successfully keep their partnerships and convert themselves into somewhat of a success by replacing the technology pieces as they go, without having had any viable plan whatsoever when they began,”

I guess they must have some super strong business development.

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If IOTA is centralized, how can it be a cryptocurrency? Everyone is against the rules of the crypto anarchist.

I’ve long understood that IOTA is a manipulative coin, and it’s also traded with big credit leverage on Binance Futures. The quote lives its life.