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This article describes an important factor in evaluating what projects to invest in if one wants to have a possibility of a huge upside.

To quote from the article:

# 2 — Get there before everyone else

One thing I advise you to do when you’re looking for huge profits is to change your mindset and stop looking at the price of a token and what its multiplier potential is.

Instead, I would advise you to look at the number of people currently involved in this project and the number of users, and then ask yourself how many people might be likely to use the product or the project you are following in the next few years.

Imagine that you are doing your research on a project in development, a small, very early project. We’re on a beta service, a little bit under the radar. But you’ve done your fundamental analysis, and you’re convinced that this is a project that could bring in millions of people. Do you think that the arrival of several thousand, even millions of people in the ecosystem you’re following, that is to say, a multiplication of the number of enormous users will raise or lower the price.

To raise a price, you want buying pressure; to have buying pressure, you want injections of liquidity, and to have injections of liquidity, you want new portfolios, that is, new investors and new users.

How much of this applies to Intercoin and its initiatives? Taking into account that 1500 people a day download the Groups app, of which 300 are community leaders and potential customers? Once the apps are out, we can simply make a sales funnel to onboard those same users.


I like this, simply zoom out!

I often think about the home office Amazon picture, when it was a online bookstore. If you got the drive you’re gonna make it!

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