Intercoin's Updated Roadmap

Greg, CEO of Intercoin here. Over the past several months, we had been doing a ton of work to finalize Intercoin’s community applications. Every month this year, we released a new piece of the puzzle. All of them are designed to work together like LEGOs, and starting in Q4, we will put together articles and videos to let regular people understand how it all fits together.

Many people have been rightfully asking us why the Intercoin App has been delayed by several months. First off, I want to take full responsibility for the delay – or more to the point, the insufficient communication around why it was happening. Projects with large goals have sometimes been delayed. As two examples, Ethereum 2.0 has been delayed for years and PulseChain has been delayed by nearly a year.

In reality, our development team has working hard all year on the smart contracts for communities, but we had not updated our roadmap to reflect all the stuff we had been completing and launching. All these smart contracts will eventually find their way into the Intercoin App, with a user-friendly interface for people to use them. We finally took the plunge and updated the Roadmap as follows…

The New Roadmap

If you go to you’ll find a vastly expanded and updated roadmap, which is also reproduced below. It contains dates and links to what we already accomplished as a company. Each link helps you learn more about what we’ve produced or launched, and how it all works together:

Join the Movement and Get Involved

If you have experience managing a community, or would like to start one in your own language or locale, by all means join this forum, come to our events and participate!

If you’re technically minded, you can subscribe and follow it on GitHub. If you know any developers who would like to join us and earn ITR for helping build the future of Web5, share this article, tell them to join this community forum and get in touch with us.


Wow, @Greg_Magarshak1, I’m so happy to see so many amazing updates from you as Intercoin’s team member!

I strongly believe that It’s so important for everyone to see how management is moving towards the company’s goals as we all can help and we are stronger together!


Can’t wait to see the App working.


It’s a bit challenging for me to comprehend Why after so many people have seen your call to join the movement but still they are not ready to do any actions…


That is a really IMPRESSIVE GROUTH and especially during the most challenging periods in the Global economy.

Well done Intercoin team!