Intercoin Technology: Overview

Intercoin Technology is essentially based around four things:

  1. The Qbix Platform which helps communities to build and deploy social apps, and add payments to them similarly to WeChat, Facebook and iMessage, but in a completely open source manner.

  2. Kademlia, a network addressing technique pioneered in 2002 and used in projects from BitTorrent to SAFE Network. It enables partitioning (sharding) the network by community and even by individual token, by helping select a group of validators to watch and approve transactions for each token.

  3. Intercoin Consensus Process which is a way for validators to maintain consensus about transactions, and gossip any violations or forks among one another.

  4. Intercoin’s own innovations in technology and governance such as the Permissionless Timestamping Network as well as Coin Denominations and Change, which prevents endless growth of transaction outputs.

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Money is fundamentally social (without other people, money is meaningless). WeChat has successfully leveraged their social network to build a payment network. Venmo has used social networking to raise the profile of their payment network. It makes sense to leverage Qbix in order to deploy Intercoin.

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