Intercoin☁️ Starting A Movement

Intercoin☁️ Starting A Movement

Each day that passes I gain a greater vision of Intercoin’s future. I must say it’s very different than other crypto project I’m familiar with as it’s lead by a powerful movement.

@Greg the CEO & founder of both Intercoin and Qbix has built both business around the idea of servicing communities.

The way this project will grow is most importantly by a community movement. Getting people from all over the world sharing the same strong beliefs and moral. Not only talking about making a change, but working together to change the world.

A comparison that comes to mind is people often make suggestions to others like get a job in a career that you will always be needed. Reason being certain services there will always be a demand. When I think of what Intercoin is building, I feel the same rules apply. Anyone that is part of the team or community have common interests. With that being said generally those common interest are strong opinions that don’t sway. Like anything real in life those vibes don’t die off, they only snowball.

After years of developing all the technology to change the world for the better, 2022 is the year Intercoin is reveal to the world.

If you are reading this I hope you are part of the movement or ready to join us. :hugs:


@cryptostaceyb ,

Nice post!


Yes we are! Intercoin is a movement. And we’re building it together, each of us has our part:

  • Intercoin App (Web, iOS, Android)
  • Intercoin Show (Telegram, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Intercoin Community (this one, Twitter, Telegram, etc.)
  • Intercoin Smart Contracts
  • NFTRemix (which will reinvent NFTs)
  • Qbix (the company that started it all)

And our growing list of partners, customers and allies around the world. While others need to pay influencers to work with them, we give them their own coins, apps and NFTs.

We’ll soon start to make a NFTs to represent the org chart and Roles and what role can do. Guests on our show. Intercoin Chapter leader in Australia. Ambassadors. Connectors. They’ll all get their own NFT in their wallet (yes, I might even get Noam Chomsky and Thomas Greco to install a crypto wallet).

Thank you Stacey. I’m so glad to read this, I’m coming out of “upvote retirement” to upvote it and comment.


Thanks boss more and more bullish on the Intercoin movement by the day.

2022 we got this! :raised_hands:

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Thanks, I’m happy you joined the team with us, I appreciate all your motivation and hard work!!!


I am so happy to see this article! Thank you Stacey for introducing me to Intercoin and the team. I can’t wait to see what 2022 and the coming years have to bring. I’m super bullish on Intercoin and building the community. After all, we are the Intercoin family and I hope to see more people join the movement and our family at Intercoin.


It’s happening 2022 is the year! :raised_hands: Thanks for joining us!!!


I love this story…After building Intercoin for several years, it’s now time for HARVEST.
2022 is the beginning of fruitful years to come for INTERCOIN.
Congratulations to the Team behind this amazing project!!


WOW, it’s such a pleasure to see all this updated from @Greg as so many people in the last 2 years couldn’t believe me that all Intercoin’s roadmap points were possible to deliver with the grass-roots company.

Nevertheless, despite the many naysayers, I always knew the universal truth that Napoleon Hill shared almost 100 years ago “Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve .”

I know that WE are not alone in having a strong desire to change the world for a better life for everyone with the universal power of new technologies. Intercoin’s team is growing with the support of the community with passionate urge flowing through us all.

This power is within ALL of us, as it always has been and NOW we can utilize it!

  • What are your dreams for your community?
  • What is standing in the way to realize it?
  • What will be your next milestone to bring the change?

It all begins within all of US believing in ourselves and the strength of our desire to assist Intercoin to help our communities as it determines what we will achieve.

Join us at the weekly Intercoin Show on Wednesdays at 12 pm ET/ 5 pm GMT

and follow Intercoin’s social media to share the news with your community

Let’s power up the community together and design our new destiny!