Intercoin Sponsors Government Blockchain Association Event again

The Government Blockchain Association helps to connect blockchain companies with governments of cities and countries, help facilitate public-private partnerships. Intercoin is a member, and is part of several working groups, including Voting, and Smart Economies.

Their next event this January 27th-28th is The Future of Money, Governance and the Law and Qbix + Intercoin are helping them run it, by making an app for the conference.

We originally sponsored their event back in 2019 by building an app for their conference:

In 2020, they had it at the US Congressional Auditorium in the Capitol building. This year, they will do it at the National Press Club. And they will show Qbix and Intercoin videos at the event, as their sponsors:

  • Do you need Qbix to build an app for you?
  • Do you need Intercoin to help you release an NFT collection or your own currency?

Speak with us :slight_smile:


Wow! Intercoin is on another level. The best of both worlds it seems. I like the fact that they will be showing Qbix and Intercoin videos at the event bringing more awareness to communities and people in general. Happy to be apart of Intercoin and excited to see what 2022 brings! I always wanted to create my own currency and build my own Abstract Art community as well as new NFT collections. I believe what we have here is world changing and its only a matter of time until EVERYONE knows what Intercoin is all about. Great work!

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There is no better way to stay connected with your community!

First Qbix now Intercoin. Can’t wait for the Intercoin App to launch, for the world to see what can be built!

I was at the GBA conference – met some REALLY amazing people there including to my surprise my own state rep! I never would have expected Ron Kim to be pro crypto, but he was there and spoke onstage. I remember he had a key message, which was that for most people, they are not concerned about the underlying technology, or crypto itself – he says that whenever he spoke about crypto, people think SCAM. So he says instead of focusing on crypto itself, we should talk to constituents about the benefits, and abstract away the underlying tech.


Yeah i’ve been saying exactly this for a while. When most people are using crypto they wont even be aware, or care. It’s all about the UI and benefits/savings.

I remember Moneygram piloted XRP for a couple of their corridors. Moneygram app users would have been none the wiser Ripples ODL was being used instead of the traditional pre funded accounts…All they would have noticed is the money got there quicker and with a lower fee.

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Moneygram piloted XRP? That’s really amazing. I don’t know what ripple ODL is so I think I have some reading to do

Yeah it was a few years back, they said it didn’t save any money which I find weird (maybe had XRP security concerns). ODL stands for “On Demand Liquidity” it’s just the new name for “X Rapid” which means it’s Ripplenet using XRP.

This is who will be attending the GBA summit this year at the National Press Club: